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Updated on November 13th, 2018 at 07:30 pm

Hi there! My name is April and I run this blog. I am so excited to announce that I have two ways in which you can write for Just Leaving Footprints. Please note that I do not make much money from blogging yet, and therefore cannot offer you payment for your contribution. However, every time you contribute to Just Leaving Footprints, you will get a link back to your own blog or website, as well as one social media link to whatever social media channel you choose. I also will share and promote your post on the Just Leaving Footprints Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

Collaboration Opportunity

One of the ways you can write for JLF is to write for a collaborative blog post. These blog posts feature 1-2 paragraphs by various people all writing about the same topic. For example, a while back I put together a blog post about 16 of the Top Vegetarian & Vegan Meals Around the World and I asked 15 writers, besides myself, to contribute to it. Please look over it so you can see how it is structured.

Every month or couple of months I will be putting together a collaborative blog post similar to the one about vegetarian and vegan meals around the world. Below are more details on the current collaborative blog post I’m putting together.

Current Collaboration Post: The Best Eco Hostels & Hotels in the World

Currently I am putting together a collaborative blog post about the best eco-friendly hostels and hotels in the world. If you have ever stayed at an eco-hostel or hotel, please feel free to contribute. In order to contribute, please send 1-2 paragraphs written about the place you stayed, along with 1-2 photos of the place as well. Please also remember to send me links to your blog and one social media channel as well so I can link back to you in the post.

Send all collaboration pitches to justleavingfootprints@gmail.com

Guest Post Opportunity: Ladies Leaving Footprints

Ladies Leaving Footprints is both a growing Facebook and Instagram community that I started in order to feature female-identifiying people who travel sustainably. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, going zero waste, traveling slowly, traveling in off-seasons, or partnering with grassroots NGOs while traveling, then this is your space to share your stories! I prefer guest posts that are between 700 – 1300 words long. Please remember to include 5 – 8 high quality photos to share in the post as well. Also please keep in mind that I may edit the wording a bit in order to avoid things that Google doesn’t like, such as passive voice, or multiple sentences in a row that start with the same word.

Just like with the collaborative posts, you will receive a link back to your blog or website as well as a social media link. Guest Posts are extra special in that with them you will also receive an Author Bio so be sure to tell me a little bit about yourself when you pitch. The post will also be shared across all of the Just Leaving Footprints social media channels as well as in the Ladies Leaving Footprints Facebook Group. Before pitching your story idea please make sure to join the Ladies Leaving Footprints Facebook Group as well.

Ladies Leaving Footprints Guest Post Examples:

Send all Guest Post pitches to justleavingfootprints@gmail.com