Girl Power: Visiting the Wonder Woman Exhibit at the Museo Mexicano Del Diseño

Updated on February 7th, 2019 at 07:06 pm

A few days ago I visited the Wonder Woman Exhibit at the Museo Mexicano del Diseño. The idea behind the exhibit was to celebrate creativity through highlighting the strength, power, creativity and resilience of women. It was truly a beautiful exhibit and I’m so excited to share my experience visiting with you.

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Wonder Woman Exhibit at the Museo Mexicano del Diseño

The Wonder Woman Exhibit at the Museo Mexicano del Diseño: Who is Wonder Woman?

If you didn’t grow up reading DC comics or haven’t seen the latest Wonder Woman movie, there’s a few things you need to know. As the stories go, Wonder Woman’s father was the Greek god Zeus, making Wonder Woman a demigod. She is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira, an island fortress that keeps her and the other Amazonian women safe. Basically Wonder Woman’s mission in life is to kill Aires, the God of War, in order to bring peace to the world.

Wonder Woman, being a demigod and all, is super strong. On her arms she wears metal cuffs that are part of her Amazonian armour. These cuffs are iconic to who Wonder Woman is. In fact when she fully realizes her power she is able to stop even the strongest of advances by crossing her arms in defence.

Wonder Woman Exhibit at the Museo Mexicano del Diseño

The Exhibit

The exhibit highlighted the power of creativity by getting designers to create all different kinds of arm cuffs for Wonder Woman. Some cuffs showcased Mexican history by utilizing Mexican and Aztec designs. Others utilized bright colors or lights. Each piece of armour designed for the exhibit told a different story. All the various arm cuff designs showcased different aspects that not only make Wonder Woman, but all women, powerful.

Wonder Woman Exhibit at the Museo Mexicano del Diseño

My absolute favourite set of cuffs celebrated women’s strength and resilience. The artists let a group of women who, in the past, had been victims of domestic violence, participate in their creation. First they gave all the women some plates. They told the women to think about the violence they experienced in their pasts. Next they got all the women to think really hard about the moment they finally were able to break free from the violence they were submitted to and move on to much better things in life. They asked them to think of these moments of empowerment and break the plates. The artists used these empowering memories in their cuffs by adding the broken plate pieces to their work. I loved these cuffs because of how they celebrated the resilience of so many women around the world today.

My favorite piece at the museum.

Girl Power: Why I Loved this Exhibit

I absolutely loved the new Wonder Woman movie and I really admired the angle that the museum took on celebrating it. It was really cool to see what kind of armour all the different artists came up with. My favourite part was how the exhibit celebrated the strength, creativity and empowerment of women all in one go. The exhibit showed that no matter how hard we continue to get kicked down, told we are weak or that ‘a man could do it better’ we will never ever stop fighting. There’s not only one Wonder Woman in the world, there’s billions.

Wonder Woman Exhibit at the Museo Mexicano del Diseño

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Updated on February 7th, 2019 at 07:06 pm

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  1. Kayla | 13th Dec 17

    THis is so cool! My mom LOVES Wonder Woman, I hope we can make this trip someday!

    • April - Just Leaving Footprints | 14th Dec 17

      That’s awesome! I’m not sure if it was a permanent set up or just on for a few weeks but hopefully you can see it too someday!

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