How Not to Travel Like a Dumbass

Updated on February 7th, 2019 at 07:11 pm

Nobody wants to be called a dumbass. At least, nobody that I know of. However, locals and wise travelers may label you as a dumbass for various reasons. I have definitely witnessed my fair share of traveling dumbasses and I don’t want you to become one of them. So, without further ado, here is a list on how not to travel like a dumbass.

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Did you know that there are currently hundreds of backpackers in Thailand who have gone on an amazing vacation but did not budget their money well and now cannot afford to get home? Guess how they’re paying for their flights back home? They are literally begging in the streets asking locals and other travelers for money to get home.

Not only is it foolish to book a trip you know you cannot afford but it is extremely disrespectful to local people, many of whom may actually be begging for money to survive. It’s also a little disrespectful to other travelers, especially those from your home country, as you now are misrepresenting well-meaning travelers everywhere. People may not be so welcoming to the next wave of tourists if you behave so disgustingly.


  • If you’re used to getting everything your way then travel may not be a good idea.

    I have never in my life had a trip go exactly as planned. Shit happens, people make mistakes, flights get delayed and cancelled, luggage gets lost, and sickness or injury is always a risk. When my luggage got lost on my arrival into Mexico City there were so many travelers around me shouting and cursing because they needed their luggage IMMEDIATELY.

    If they had just lowered their voices, stopped complaining and taken a few deep breaths they would have been able to hear the announcement being made that the luggage would arrive in two days time. Sure enough all of our bags arrived two days later and to be honest being without all my stuff for that amount of time was no big deal. Having your luggage lost, or a flight cancellation is by no means the end of the world. At least you have the PRIVILEGE to be able to even travel at all. Never forget that.

How Not to Travel like a Dumbass

  • Don’t be that person who never shuts up on a long flight.

    While a little introduction and conversation is usually okay, most people you meet on airplanes don’t want to hear your entire life story when they would rather be sleeping. This happened to me once where the man sitting next to me would not stop talking about his ex girlfriend and asking me for relationship advice. Not to mention he felt the need to tell me all about their sex life as well. Totally inappropriate and unnecessary.

  • Don’t be rude or disrespectful to people.

    People are people are people. If you only speak English and you are trying to order food at a restaurant in Argentina then please don’t have a temper tantrum if the waiter doesn’t understand you. Be patient and always remember, YOU are the foreigner.

  • Maintain decent hostel etiquette.

    Be polite and for god’s sake stop having sex in shared group rooms. I promise you, no one wants to hear, see, or smell you doing this. Fortunately I have stayed in hostels a lot of times and luckily I have only witnessed travelers doing the deed twice. I don’t care if almost all the bunk beds are shaking, don’t be one of them! Just get a private room okay? It’s not that hard and if you’re at a hostel it won’t be that expensive.

    One time I was staying in a hostel in Thailand and I was in a mixed room with three bunk beds. A girl from the next room over started hooking up with a guy in the room I was in and of course they did it in our shared room. They would wait until they thought everyone was asleep and start going at it. They would also wait until everyone was out of the room to do it in the morning as well.

    One morning I was the last to leave the room (aside from the bunny rabbits) and I realized I forgot my sunscreen. I knew what they would be up to but I decided to go back and grab it anyway since it was a SHARED room and they were violating hostel policy.

    As I opened the door they were indeed doing it and they froze and looked at me. Since they had been so casual and open about their sex life I just looked at them and said, “Hey how’s it going.” Neither one of them answered me and that night they had a private room. Again, don’t be these people. It’s totally unnecessary and completely classless.

  • Don’t lie about where you’re from, unless it’s for safety reasons.

    I know this is easy for me to say since I’m from Canada and Canadians often get treated very well while abroad. However saying you’re Canadian (or from anywhere else) when you’re not is probably part of the reason why people abroad may not treat you very well. You are literally lying to people and giving them a reason not to trust you if they find out. If you are a kind, polite and fun person then telling people where you’re really from will set a good example of people from your country in their minds. The only lying of this kind I condone is if it is for safety reasons, as in if you will be perceived unfairly as a threat due to any kind of racism and your own safety will be put at risk.

    My beautiful hometown of Kelowna, BC

  • Don’t participate in harmful activities simply for a cool photo.

    For example, do not ride elephants or pet tigers in Thailand or anywhere else. These animals are usually mistreated or drugged into submission making it safe for you to ride or pet them. It is inhumane and cruel to participate in these kinds of activities. Instead, visit an elephant sanctuary or other safe haven for animals abroad.

  • Stop complaining and especially stop negatively comparing your home country to the country you’re visiting.

    One time my family went on a trip to a resort in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. We had a wonderful time there but on the way back our flight got delayed over and over again until it was finally cancelled. We were flying with Air Canada and they ended up putting everyone who missed the flight up at a beautiful resort overnight and set us all up with another flight for the next day.

    One woman from the group was complaining non-stop and even yelled at a hotel worker saying, “This would never happen in Canada. In Canada we have something called Customer Service!”

    Not only did the hotel staff have absolutely nothing to do with the problem, but we were flying with Air CANADA, not a Mexican airline. Furthermore we all got a free night at one of the nicest resorts in the area. This extremely ignorant and rude woman even went so far as to start a petition and tried to get people to add their emails and signatures to her list so that she could make a more formal complaint.

    Don’t be this woman. Don’t complain about stuff like this and don’t negatively compare your country to another. All countries are different and that’s what makes them exciting and beautiful.

    How Not to Travel like a Dumbass
    Roaming through Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, 2016
  • Don’t diss someone else’s experiences.

    Some people like to stay at five star resorts, others prefer hostels. While some people like to go for week long vacations here and there, others like to travel slowly. Some people like to work or volunteer for long periods of time in other countries. Others just want short road trips and luxury bed and breakfasts.

    While I personally encourage people to experience places that are frequented more by locals than tourists I would never tell someone that their trip sucked because they only went to popular or touristy places. People are going to do things that they enjoy doing. Just because you disagree with someone or would do something differently doesn’t mean you are any better than anyone else. Just be happy for other people because they are also exploring the world and they also have a passion for travel.

    The only time you should ever talk negatively about someone’s trip is if they did something really disrespectful to the people, animals or culture that they were visiting. In this case, it may be a good idea to gently explain how certain actions abroad can negatively affect communities and the environment.

  • Recognize how privileged you are. 

    No I am not super rich and yes I make travel work by saving my money well. Almost every travel blogger out there has a list of ways in which they save money more easily for travel. These are definitely great places to get tips and can be really helpful.

    However please do not buy into the notion that ‘everyone can afford to travel if they try hard enough’. This is completely false and ignorant. Many people in the world don’t have jobs, don’t have homes and are struggling just to stay alive. Don’t be that person that talks about travel as if it’s something everyone can afford. If you talk like this you are really saying that if someone can’t afford to travel it is all their fault and they should just try harder and get a job already. This simply cannot be done for the MAJORITY of people in the world.

    Yes, you as a traveler are the MINORITY here. Recognize that travel is a huge privilege. It’s truly amazing that you have the ability to hold a job, have a place to live and travel on top of it all. Hopefully this will make you less boastful and more thankful for the opportunities in your life.

    How Not to Travel like a Dumbass
    Me and my favorite travel partner in Lerma, Mexico, 2017

  • Adhere to cultural customs.

    People from different places have different ways of understanding and interacting with the world. For example, when you meet someone in South America it is polite to kiss them on the cheek. In Thailand it is polite to put your hands together as if to pray and to bow slightly when greeting someone. Research some of these customs before you travel so you can respect the culture you will be visiting.

    If you have plans to go to a sacred site such as a temple or church please dress appropriately. With the Internet at our fingertips you have absolutely no excuse to not dress appropriately. You cannot go somewhere dressed immodestly and say you simply didn’t know how to dress to visit a sacred site. Before you go to a sacred site research online what is appropriate to wear.

    When I visited Thailand I was told that I would need long pants or a dress to visit sacred temples. There were even officers checking people’s outfits at the gates to enter temples. One thing I saw, however, really upset me. Many people (mainly women) would get past the officials and then strip off their long pants or skirts to reveal extremely short shorts or mini skirts. This is beyond inappropriate and disrespectful. These people were setting awful examples for travelers from all over and outright offending local people as well.

    How Not to Travel like a Dumbass

I hope this list has helped you to make good choices and show respect while you’re abroad. Hopefully you can remember and use this useful information to not be a dumbass on your next trip. Or perhaps you can have a chat with a friend who may be guilty of being a bit of a traveling dumbass.

Have you ever seen someone acting inappropriately abroad? Has anyone ever annoyed you on a flight? What happened and how did you deal with it? Let me know in the comments!

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Updated on February 7th, 2019 at 07:11 pm

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  1. jin | 12th Aug 17

    Interesting post! I extensively travel, especially this past year, and some of these points I see all the time! I haven’t met someone who lied about where they are from, though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachelle | 12th Aug 17

    It’s always fun to read posts like these, because as much as we cringe, we’ve seen people who violate each and every point you’ve made! I’ve had one of those non-stop talkers on a 10 hour flight, but about an hour into it, when I realized she wasn’t going to shut up, I put in my headphones. No thanks. Don’t need to hear all about your diet and grandkids. Thanks!

    • April - The Adventures of Impo | 13th Aug 17

      So true Rachelle! Yikes that does not sound like a fun flight. Did they take the hint once you put your headphones in?

  3. Valerie Hansen | 12th Aug 17

    This is a great article and so important to respect other cultures when traveling

    Happy travels


  4. Kareemah Ashiru | 12th Aug 17

    What a great post! I particularly feel disgusted about travel beggars on the streets. It shows a lack of responsibility and regard for the locals. And Amen to the long talks on the flight. “I ain’t your therapist”.

    In regards to the lying what country you are from, I definitely don’t agree with lying. I have 3 nationalities and depending on the country I’m in, the history of that country with some of the nationalities I’m from. I sometimes have to adjust my nationality for my safety. I don’t know if that makes sense.

    • April - The Adventures of Impo | 13th Aug 17

      Thank you Kareemah,
      I agree, the first one about the travel beggars makes me absolutely livid.
      As far as the lying about where you’re from I definitely don’t think you’re lying since you have three nationalities (which is AMAZING by the way) but yes I totally understand the adjustment of nationality based on safety issues. I would definitely make an exception for that. The thing is that there are some people from certain countries who maybe do not agree with their presidents or prime ministers and for this reason they lie about where they are from so people do not make assumptions about them. This is what I disagree with as it only worsens people’s assumptions since you give people a reason not to trust you. But as for safety I would bend the rules a bit if things got dangerous.

  5. Joanna | 12th Aug 17

    I was honestly shocked to see how backpackers are treating Thailand, going there and begging on the streets. That is so uncool, especially in a country in which the living conditions are so much lower that in their own. I agree, if you can’t afford it simply don’t go! I experienced this issue myself, as a couchsurfer. I once hosted someone who ate all my food from the fridge and never bought their own, they walked everywhere and constantly complain that they don’t have money. Why did you leave home then was my question…

    • April - The Adventures of Impo | 13th Aug 17

      Wow that sounds like quite the couch surfing experience! I don’t think I could ever host a couch surfer for that exact reason. You never know who you will get and I love my food! Haha. Sorry you had to go through that. I think not only is it one thing for them to eat all your food, but to be complaining constantly is just so disrespectful when you’re hosting them and they have the ability to travel.

  6. Alison - Up&AtEm Travel | 12th Aug 17

    So many people need to read this! Such a bummer you were stuck next to a chatty man for your long haul flight – but I hope now you’re bold enough to tell strangers that you actually really need to get some sleep, lol. And your tip about needing to be flexible reminded me that it’s so important to pack carry-ons strategically just in case luggage does get lost. 🙂 Great post!

  7. Loretta Widen | 13th Aug 17

    OMG. People actually have sex in a public dorm room? Gross!!!! These are all really good tips! Thanks for sharing.

    • April - The Adventures of Impo | 17th Aug 17

      Hi Loretta! Yes they do! I’ve unfortunately experienced it. It usually only happens in “party cities” but yes it does happen. Glad you liked the article 🙂

  8. Caroline | 15th Aug 17

    Great post! These are all great things to keep and mind, and some of it is such common sense that I can’t believe people try to do this stuff!

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