Mexico City Street Art: La Romita

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I’m so excited to say that I am back in Mexico City spending time with my boyfriend, Arturo, and his family again. Last week Arturo took me to explore La Romita. It’s a very small neighborhood quietly nestled inside La Roma – a larger and super hip area located in Mexico City. I asked him to take me there because it is known for its street art. I absolutely love exploring and finding places full of urban art. Did you know that some anthropologists spend their entire careers studying street art and graffiti? So cool! I might need to find a job like that. If you ever pay a visit you will definitely need to check out La Romita for Mexico City Street Art.

UPDATE: Since writing this post the artist of the featured photo and the photo used for posting this blog post on Pinterest has contacted me! So cool! Anyways the name of the wall in the featured photo is the Mural Charromita and it was painted by Felipe Reissenweber Menéndez. If you would like to see more of Felipe’s art please visit his Facebook Page here.

UPDATE 2: I am sad to report that I recently re-visited La Romita and many of the murals that I talk about in this post have since been painted over or otherwise covered up, including the featured image in this post. However, the area is still quite beautiful and I still go back there sometimes to see the art that is left and the colorful buildings. 

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Mexico City Street Art: A History of La Romita

When I went to La Romita I wanted to know a little about the neighbourhood’s history. Lucky for me one of the installations of urban art explained the neighbourhood’s history really well. However part of the story was hidden behind a car parked right in front of the mural. I ended up finding the beautiful mural pictured below (without any blockage) on Andrea Méndez’ Instagram page.

In English, the mural reads, “Romita My Love; This site used to be a neighbourhood of Tenochtitlán called Atzacoalco (place of herons), Colonia Roma was founded in 1902. Afterwards it became known as Santa María Aztacoalco. It was near the old Chapultepec path on an islet surrounded by canals. Its big trees and the road that was built along with the chapel brought back to mind a place in Rome, Italy, according to town hall’s documents, so it was called “Romita”. In the novel, “Las Batallas en El Desierto” by José Emilio Pacheco it reads: “Romita was a town set apart. Here the man of the sack lurks, the great “robachicos” (kidnapper) […] By day he’s a beggar, by night a millionaire thanks to the exploitation of his victims.”
In 1944 the church of La Romita was declared a monument and the area named a characteristic place, and in 1980 both became recognized as cultural monuments of Mexico City.
Also in this place, one of the greatest cinematographic works shot in Mexico was filmed: “Los Olvidados” by Luis Buñuel. Fall in love with Romita!!”

Mexico City Street Art of a rhino
Arturo with his favorite animal, the rhino.

Wiser Books

Perhaps it was just the day we decided to visit but it was surprisingly quiet and calm for being located right in the city. We spent the day wandering around, taking photos, appreciating the art and stopping by a little book shop called Wiser Books. Another thing I have an undying love for is little book shops. My wallet doesn’t like them so much though, as I always leave with a purchase. What can I say? Aside from traveling, books are my main weakness. Anyway Wiser Books is such a wonderful book shop. Most of the books are of course written in Spanish but there was a small English section too. The shop is small but has a cozy and charming atmosphere. I’m a huge lover of quotes and there was a quote that I absolutely fell in love with painted in Wiser Books that is pictured below. Once again I could not leave empty handed and ended up buying ‘A Dozen Sonnets for Different Lovers’ by Tanya Huntington along with a few gifts.

Mexico City Street Art: Don’t Miss Out on La Romita

If you are heading to Mexico City and you love street art definitely do not miss out on La Romita. Below are some more photos of our time in this beautiful neighbourhood. To see more please also check out my Instagram page. Happy adventuring!

Mexico City Street Art

Street Art in La Romita | Queen of Hearts


Mexico City Street Art

Mexico City Street Art
“Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination.”

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  1. R. Mark Desjardins | 20th Jul 17

    April, I really enjoyed viewing your photographs! I document street art, wall mural and graffiti as well, and have been doing so for years in my hometown of Vancouver, across Canada as well as L.A. and Havana. As you know, half the thrill is walking the streets and back alley ways. The best part is actually meeting street artists as they create, but due to the underground nature of their work, this isn’t always possible. Happy hunting for new visuals to excite you, and share with the world!

    • | 20th Jul 17

      Thanks so much Mark! I’m actually from Kelowna, BC as well!!! I would love to check out your work, do you have a website or Instagram handle I can find you at?

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