How to Have an Eco Friendly Period: HighOH Reusable Menstrual Kit Product Review

When I first started looking at the insane amount of personal waste I was creating and decided I wanted to live more sustainably, one type of waste seemed unavoidable to me at first. That was the plastic packaging and waste that comes with having a period. I grew up buying expensive pads and tampons that were not only covered in, and made of, plastic but that were also toxic, disposable and expensive. So if you’re like me and want to reduce your footprint AND have a toxin free period, then this HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit Product Review is for you!

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The Toxicity of Disposable Tampons and Pads that Might Surprise You

The Toxic Chemicals in Tampons and Pads

Did you know that, according to this study,  the average women spends over $2,000 on disposable tampons and panty liners in their lifetime? Or did you know that disposable pads and tampons contain harmful toxic chemicals? Some of these chemicals include styrene, chloromethane, chloroform, and acetone, to name a few. These chemicals include carcinogens, irritants, reproductive toxicants, and even neurotoxins. Imagine being able to not only buy a smaller amount of period products, but being able to reuse them to save money. Now imagine all that plus the ability to use period products that are free of harmful toxins. You could literally be saving yourself tons of money and protecting yourself from harmful diseases at the same time.

Why Reusable Pads are My Favorite Eco-Friendly Period Solution

HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit Product Review
Compared to period panties and menstrual cups, I will always choose these reusable pads.

When I started learning about the zero waste movement I really thought this was one area of my life where I couldn’t be environmentally friendly. Luckily for me, with the zero waste movement growing rapidly, new options became available. There are three main ways that you can eliminate menstrual waste from your life, and have a toxin free period as well. These are by using menstrual cups, period-proof underwear, and reusable pads.

One of my favorite options is to use reusable pads because they are quite a bit less expensive than period-proof underwear and they are also easier to use (for me at least) than menstrual cups. Menstrual cups can take some getting used to and a lot of people mention having to try inserting them up to 12 times to get used to how you’re supposed to use them. I am so excited to share this post with you to not only help you have a more eco friendly and toxin free period, but also to share with you a product that I absolutely love, the HighOH Reusable Menstrual Kit.

An Eco-Friendly Period: HighOH Reusable Menstrual Kit Product Review

HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit Product Review

The HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit, or Reusable Period Kit, comes with six reusable menstrual pads and a small, waterproof bag to store them in. I’ve used a few other brands that make reusable menstrual pads before, and I can honestly say that these ones are my new favorite. 

Made from Bamboo, Charcoal & a Waterproof Layer = Antibacterial & Leak Proof

The lining on these pads is made with bamboo infused with charcoal. This means the pads are super soft and absorbent. By using charcoal in the lining, the pads also wick away any unpleasant odors and are antibacterial as well. Plus, with the dark color and charcoal, stains come out super easily!

HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit Product Review
The lining on these pads is made from bamboo infused with charcoal! Not only is it not toxic, it’s actually anti bacterial.
HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit Product Review
If the antibacterial lining wasn’t amazing enough, the underside of these pads are made with a waterproof layer which helps to further prevent leaks!


Another thing that I love about these pads is how long they are. They really provide full coverage for you, even on heavier days. Their length, combined with their absorbency, also make them great for wearing to bed. You can really sleep soundly at night without worrying about waking up to stained bedsheets. This is especially true since the outer layer is totally waterproof!

The HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit, Waterproof Carrying Pouch!

HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit Product Review

The carrying pouch that these reusable menstrual pads come with is amazing. It’s waterproof so if you’re out and about you can bring an extra clean pad with you and throw your soiled one in the pouch to wash when you get home.

The Affordability of the HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit

The great thing about this kit is that it’s only $30 and comes with six pads. That is less than the cost of most pairs of period-proof underwear. In this case you get six pads worth of protection instead of just one pair of period panties. If you’re like me and aren’t in love with menstrual cups, these are truly the best period product on the market!

To buy a HighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit click here!

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Eco-Friendly Periods: HighOh Reusalbe Menstrual Kit Product ReviewHighOh Reusable Menstrual Kit Product ReviewHighOh Reusalbe Menstrual Kit Product Review










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