Mexico City: Feeling Right At Home

Mexico City: Feeling Right At Home

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Three short days in Mexico City with Arturo and his family and I have already been to an hacienda, el Centro (The City Center) and El Templo Mayor (The Main Temple) – a very important Aztec ruin that stretches wide underneath the heart of the city as well as the museum to commemorate it and all the treasures found there. I have also eaten my weight in pambazos, tamales, chalupas and tlacoyos, and seenEl Ballet de Amalia Hernandez in El Palacio de Bellas Artes where Arturo’s uncles played the harp and guitar.

However my favourite part of my stay here has been meeting all of Arturo’s family last night at his mom’s birthday party. Arturo’s parents rented four big, white picnic tables that we set up in the dining room for all the guests. There were caterers who cooked delicious Mexican food, bright pink and yellow and purple flowers everywhere and the loudest and funniest and most exciting people all running to hug me and and welcome me to their family.

We all danced and sang and blew noise makers and waved pom poms around Chely (Arturo’s mom). Arturo’s uncles played the harp and guitar and sang traditional Mexican songs and everyone contributed some sort of art to the party. Most people sang and Arturo’s grandpa even dedicated a song to me which I loved. I made Chely a bracelet and some earrings and sang two songs even though I never sing in front of people but I think they went well. Any (Annie), one of Arturo’s cousins, is a professional dancer and she and her dance partner celebrated with traditional dances from different parts of Mexico. It was beautiful. Arturo and his sister, Karen, made a beautiful short film – Karen did the film and editing and Arturo wrote the music.

The whole family is so much fun and so talented. Until yesterday I had never been to a party with so much art and culture and food and family all packed into one big celebration. I can officially say that I’ve found a new home away from home – or more accurately that as we all already know, home has never ever really been characterized by where you are but by who you are with.

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Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City


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