Traveling Thailand With My Best Friend: A Series Of Strange Events

Traveling Thailand With My Best Friend: A Series Of Strange Events

This blog post is ages late but I believe late is better than never. About a month ago while living it up in Thailand I mentioned that I would make a list of all the weird, crazy, scary, dangerous and bizarre things that happened to my best friend, Carley, and I during our adventure. Everything listed below actually happened to us. This list is not meant to discourage anyone from traveling in Thailand, but rather I have put it together so that you may laugh and learn from our mishaps.

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Girl riding a moto taxi
Carley on a motorcycle taxi.
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For some reason one of us always ended up getting hurt. Our second day in Bangkok while riding motorcycle taxis, my best friend Carley got hit by a car. She managed to get by with just a sprained ankle but wow. Talk about a warm welcome to The Land of Smiles. If you choose to ride moto taxis just make sure they give you a helmet. Traffic is insane.

On Koh Phi Phi I decided to do the limbo with some fire dancers. And yes you guessed it – the limbo was on fire. A fire dancer carried me under the limbo low to the ground and I got a third degree burn.

Times We Were Careless in Thailand

Thai Parasoll Making Factory

  • Very stupidly there was a jet lagged moment for me where I actually left my backpack in a jewelry shop. Luckily I remembered in time to run back and grab it before anyone else did and I was wearing a money belt that had most of my valuables inside (passport, money, etc.).
  • Another mess up was when we inched our towels a little too close to the sea and the ocean waves swallowed up my cell phone.
  • We also got swindled many times while taking taxis and paying for hotels.
  • Or the time we stayed at a hostel with doors that didn’t lock. Nothing happened and we saved lots of money but it was a little unsettling.
  • And then the time that I accidentally put my pocket knife (in case of emergencies) into my checked baggage on a flight and got in trouble.
  • There were two or three times where Carley and I walked right into brothels thinking they were bars. Luckily some guys from our hostel were with us.
  • There were a few times where we didn’t plan very well and almost missed flights.

Food and Sickness in Thailand

  • At one point I had to stay in the hospital overnight due to severe food poisoning.
  • One time we ate at a restaurant with a rat problem unknowingly until a huge rat scurried across the floor I’m mid-meal.
  • One cool thing we got to do was to taste crickets and silk worms. The crickets were actually delicious but I wouldn’t recommend eating a silk worm to my worst enemy.

Eating crickets

At Least We Mastered the Squatty Potty

  • It took practice and a bit of peeing on ourselves a few times (yes you read that right) but yes, we both mastered the squatty potty.

Hope your time in Thailand is just as fun and hopefully a little more safe than ours was. Best of luck!

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