Next Stop Thailand | Why We Chose Thailand as Our Next Destination

Next Stop Thailand | Why We Chose Thailand as Our Next Destination

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have been completely all over the map lately, pun intended. My best friend, Carley and I have wanted to travel together ever since I left for Chile last July. I mean we’re young and we’re best friends and we both want to see more of the world… why have we not travelled together yet?

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Trouble Deciding

So we started thinking, where should we go? Should we work abroad? What can we afford? Should we just move elsewhere in Canada? What’s easy? What’s difficult? And after all of these questions… are we ever going to decide on something?

Just Book the Ticket and Go

Finding the Best Flight Prices

Due to all of our ifs, ands and buts I was starting to get discouraged. Until one day we both just decided we needed to just pick a place and book our flights. So we started seriously considering Thailand. I’ve honestly only ever heard good things about Thailand from my friends who have gone there but with any place there are safety concerns. Unfortunately there are a few provinces in Thailand that are just too dangerous for two young women to visit. However, there is so much else to see.

Today Carley and I booked our flights and we are so excited and nervous at the same time about our upcoming adventure. We will be in Thailand together for about a month and still have a lot of planning to do (and immunizations to get). I’m currently working three jobs to make this happen and we’ve made a pact that we just can’t eat out any more. It’s going to be so hard but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make if it means I can see a bit more of the beautiful world we live in.

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Two girls in front of blue wall
My best friend and I super excited about our upcoming trip!

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