Three Days in Lima, Peru: How I Stayed at a Movie Producer’s Home

Three Days in Lima, Peru: Staying at a Movie Producers’ Home!

My three days in Lima, Peru were absolutely amazing. One of my fellow exchange student friend’s mom met a Peruvian movie producer on a flight and they talked about how she and some of her friends were going to Lima and he invited us to stay at one of his pent suites. It was unbelievable. I don’t know how much information I’m allowed to give about him but we hung out with his niece and her boyfriend for three days there. There were at least four bedrooms, two living rooms, two patios and a kitchen that spanned three or four floors.

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Three Days in Lima, Peru
This is Miraflores which was right outside where we stayed. My camera died the day we explored the beach hence the stock photo. Image Source: Pixabay

The place was also wall to wall covered in bottles. This is because he collects Absolut Vodka along with other kinds of alcohol. A lot of the bottles were complete works of art! Some were painted, some wore clothes and tonnes were limited edition. He had hundreds of bottles. Some were the size of a small child. It was ridiculous. The view was also amazing. We had a lovely view of the beach right where a lot of para gliders would just float through the sky every evening.

Three Days in Lima, Peru

Peruvian Hospitality

Three Days in Lima, Peru
The food in Peru was amazing. Most was super healthy salads and fruit juices but this burger really hit the spot.

The producer’s niece took us to different beautiful plazas, restaurants, out for pizza and to a really nice beach. Driving was absolutely insane. I thought driving in Santiago was bad but I was so wrong. I would never ever want to be behind the wheel in Peru. I’m not totally sure why they put lines on the roads because nobody pays attention to them. In fact we even saw someone driving the wrong way on a sidewalk which was interesting. But I am alive so that’s cause for celebration!

Svenja, the niece, also has the cutest dog I have ever seen. No joke. It was quite literally so fluffy I almost died. His name is Hachi and he is three months old. Such a cutie and definitely a ladies’ man for sure. Although I love hostels and the vibe of being surrounded by fellow travelers, it was really nice to have a kind of relaxing vacation before coming to Cusco.  I’m especially happy we got to stay with locals!

Travel is so wonderful because the more you explore, the more connections you make. Really the more you travel the easier it becomes to travel more as you can stay with friends in different countries! Not only will you save money but you will get a local perspective wherever you go!

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