An Earthquake Abroad

An Earthquake Abroad

Until yesterday I had never experienced an earthquake. This is what happened when I felt my first earthquake in Santiago, Chile.

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Last night I was on my computer and the house started shaking. I didn’t know if it was going to get stronger or what so I sat under the door frame in between my bedroom and my bathroom and watched the ceiling light sway back and forth. It made me feel dizzy and I was scared that it was going to get bigger and that stuff was going to start crashing to the ground or something. It didn’t last too long though and when I stood up again I realized my butt was soaked! And not because I peed my pants in fear either. Turns out water had splashed out of my toilet onto the ground. I must not have noticed at first because I was a little preoccupied with the fact that the Earth was basically twerking. My Chilean host family helped me put towels around the toilet to soak up the water and explained that this earthquake was pretty strong but not nearly as strong as the one in 2010. This one was about a 6.4 on the Richter scale. Not a huge deal for Chileans who are accustomed to having the Earth bust a move every once in a while but for myself and my other foreign friends, it was a bit shocking.

Update: For any of you looking to travel somewhere where earthquakes are frequent and you’re a bit worried check the comments section as there are some helpful tips for staying safe during an earthquake. And also remember that probably about 90% of the things we worry about never actually happen.

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Mountain top view of Santiago, Chile


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4 thoughts on “An Earthquake Abroad”

  • Interesting experience. However I would have to disagree with your advice to find a desk or door frama. Both areas are actually very dangerous. Instead finding a solid surface such as a bed or couch and crouching next to it with your arms protecting your head is much safer. Should the roof or walls collapse there is a triangle of safety next to previously mentioned areas. If a roof or wall collapsed while you are under a desk table or door frame the likley hood of being crushed is exponentially higher.

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